Aug 29, 2010: Zombie Walk

30 08 2010


On Sunday I attended the scariest birthday party in town…the Louisville Zombie Attack! The (6th annual) Zombie Attack is actually celebrating the birthday of Lyndi Curtis, John King, and Mike Welch. Hundreds, if not several thousand people dressed as Zombies, celebrate this with a walk on 8/29 at 8:29pm from the corner of Eastern Parkway and Bardstown Road to Bearno’s about half a mile down Bardstown Road. 

I’ve always wanted to shoot this event, even if it was just for myself and not for publication. So, Sunday I ventured down to see what the fuzz was all about. The free event featured zombies of all ages and types.  I saw sloppy zombies, slutty zombies, scary zombies, young and old zombies.  It was quite amazing to see how serious some people got into their make-up and character. One zombie in particular really scared me when he chased me with his chainsaw…………twice!! He wouldn’t leave me alone!

I was a little disappointed, though, when I saw a religious zealot preach to the crowd on the corner of Bardstown Road and Cherokee Parkway that there was no such thing as a zombie. “When you die, you do not return as a zombie!” Well, duh!  In return the crowd chanted  “Jesus was a Zombie.” (see below)

this guy came after me with his chainsaw




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