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1 11 2010

Dear Readers of my blog,

I’ve finally moved my blog to a new home…It is no longer a separate url as here under wordpress, but sits nice and cozy with the other links on my actual website. Sorry, if there’s been any confusion. But either way, stay tuned. I’ve had a busy few weeks and will soon post some new stuff.

Here is the new link:


September 19, 2010: Family Portrait

20 09 2010

Today, I drove out to Oldham County for a family portrait session.  We scheduled the session in the evening (6 pm) to take advantage of nice, warm light, but as the day progressed I was worried about the weather – it had been cloudy and not very pretty all day!

Shortly after we arrived at our location, though, clouds parted and the sun finally came out of hiding! Thank goodness!!  Not that I must have bright sunshine for outdoor pictures, but it makes pictures more interesting when you can use it. Here are some of my favorites:

...and of course we had some fun, too!

Fall is the best time for some family portraits, especially when Christmas is just around the corner. I have just a few dates available this fall, so schedule your session soon!

September 6, 2010: Family Portrait

14 09 2010

Recently, I photographed Alma, Jerry and their cute little daughter Anna at Papa John’s Park.  Here are some of my favorites:

Look at her angel face!

September 5, 2010: Wedding – Genevieve and Peter

7 09 2010

Sunday afternoon I photographed probably one of the most original, creative and playful weddings ever – the wedding of Genevieve and Peter at a private home in Fisherville, Kentucky!  Peter is a wedding photographer himself, based in Georgia. You could tell every detail of the day was well-planned and executed. From the table decorations to the streamers, parasol umbrellas and the framed pictures hanging in the tree, the couple’s personal touches were evident throughout the day.

Louisville wedding photographer Eric Graf was the main photographer and had hired me to document some details and the ceremony.  I documented this beautiful ceremony for just 2 hours and some of my favorites are below.

Congratulations to Peter and Genevieve!

Aug 29, 2010: Zombie Walk

30 08 2010


On Sunday I attended the scariest birthday party in town…the Louisville Zombie Attack! The (6th annual) Zombie Attack is actually celebrating the birthday of Lyndi Curtis, John King, and Mike Welch. Hundreds, if not several thousand people dressed as Zombies, celebrate this with a walk on 8/29 at 8:29pm from the corner of Eastern Parkway and Bardstown Road to Bearno’s about half a mile down Bardstown Road. 

I’ve always wanted to shoot this event, even if it was just for myself and not for publication. So, Sunday I ventured down to see what the fuzz was all about. The free event featured zombies of all ages and types.  I saw sloppy zombies, slutty zombies, scary zombies, young and old zombies.  It was quite amazing to see how serious some people got into their make-up and character. One zombie in particular really scared me when he chased me with his chainsaw…………twice!! He wouldn’t leave me alone!

I was a little disappointed, though, when I saw a religious zealot preach to the crowd on the corner of Bardstown Road and Cherokee Parkway that there was no such thing as a zombie. “When you die, you do not return as a zombie!” Well, duh!  In return the crowd chanted  “Jesus was a Zombie.” (see below)

this guy came after me with his chainsaw

August 3, 2010: Maternity Session – Rob & Kelly

16 08 2010

Here are some pictures from a recent maternity session on Sunset Cliffs in San Diego, Calif. 

HullabaLOU – Day 3

27 07 2010


The crowd for the Black Crowes.


After a long day at HullabaLOU on Saturday I returned for an even longer day on Sunday. My assignments started at 1:20pm and ended around 11pm.  Fortunately, the weather wasn’t quite as hot as the day before.  Still, it seemed like more people were taken to first aid stations for heat related illnesses than Saturday. 

I saw (and photographed) Terry Adams Rock and Roll Quartet, Andrea Davidson (local musician, you should check out), Hog Operation, Taj Mahal, The Black Crowes, The Zac Brown Band, Dwight Yoakam, Loretta Lynn, Dave Matthews Band. (These images are in order of appearance)  The highlight of my day was seeing Dwight Yoakam! Overall, despite the heat, it was a great day!

                                                   ***These images are copyrighted***

Blues legend Taj Mahal impresses the crowd with his guitar talent.


Louisville's own Bluegrass band Hog Operation plays on the Bluegrass Stage in the Paddock on Sunday.


A heat related emergency happened after 3pm at the Kroger stage. The victim was treated on site and removed from the sunny infield.


Chris Robinson with The Black Crowes.


Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson signals a peace symbol to the crowd during Sunday's performance on the Kroger Stage.


Zac Brown Band plays on the main stage.


Zac Brown Band was popular with the fans.


I was only able to get a short glimpse of Loretta. My friend Tonya paid $80 to come and see only her. She left immediately after her concert and was satisfied!


People were calling her name, she was quite popular with the crowd.


Country singer Dwight Yoakam, a Kentucky native, plays on the Fleur de Lis Stage Sunday night.


Dwight is wearing his signature tight pants and a cowboy hat pulled down in his face.


dwight yoakam


Dwight Yoakam's band was dressed in glittery jackets. They put on a rockin' show!


Does this need a caption?


I finally got a clear shot without the jumbotron video guys in the way.

Country musician Zac Brown came on stage with Dave Matthews Band to play "All Across The Watchtower" a Dylan song. This is the view from the press box. Pretty sweet view, huh?